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A purpose driven distillery that passionately creates innovative,

progressive spirits through methods that mirror the grandiose nature of the Eastern Sierra.

Tasting Bar, Cocktail Bar & kitchen - Open 11am to Close

Our Current Selections of Spirits, Beers, Cocktails & Food


Gin The First - 100% Grain based gin. Botanical's include juniper berries, coriander, local handpicked pinyon
pine, lavender and a whole lot of orange peel, giving this gin a very citrus forward note, matching the Lavender Wit. 100 proof - $40btl

Gin The Second - 100% Grain and Rye based gin. Botanical's include a hearty dose of juniper berries, local handpicked sage, heather flowers and gentian root. Most of the ingredients in this gin are based on the Eastern Sierra's flora and fauna. It's a more traditional juiper forward gin. 94 proof - $40btl

Gin The Second Barrel Aged - Gin the Second Aged in used Venus Spirit Rye Whiskey Barrels. 90 proof - $45btl

Gin The Third - 100% Organic Grain and Organic Wheat based gin. Floral heavy gin, with a lower alcohol that gives a softer more delicate feel on the palette. Heavy on the lavender, rose hips, rose petal, chamomile and accented with star anise, vanilla beans, fennel, coriander, cardamon and of course juniper berries, it includes 15 botanical's in total. 80 proof - $40btl

Single Malt Whiskey - Born from imported Scottish Malt and fermented with a Belgian yeast, we distill the mash slow and low to keep as much of that unmatched Scottish grain goodness while the yeast gives the whiskey a profile of figs and stone fruit. 80 proof - $45

Peated Single Malt Whiskey - Based on the traditions of the Scot's crafted from 100% Peated Malt sourced & imported from Scotland. Campfires, choclate, cold nights in front of a fireplace; break out the bear skin rug and enjoy neat or on fine ice. 80 proof - $50

Barrel Rested Blue Agave - Distilled from 100% Organic Blue Agave from the Tequila regions of Mexico, and distilled traditionally, high heat and only through the whiskey helmet. It comes out of the pot still with a low alcohol percentage and with as much as that earthy tequila flavors as possible. Then rested in a used single malt whiskey barrel from Venus Spirits. Much like Champagne from the Champagne region of france, agave is the spirits worlds sparkling wine. If itโ€™s not made in specific regions of Mexico it can not legally be called tequila. 84 proof - $50btl


French Oak Rested Single Malt Whiskey - Our Single Malt Whiskey rested on French Oak chips. Dark oak with a smooth round sweet undertone. 80 proof | 140 bottles made - $45btl


Spirits - $12 for 6 or $3 per

Beer & Cider - $8 for 4 or $2 per

Spirits & Beer - $8 for 2 beers & 2 spirits of your choice

Beer & Cider - $7

Extra Special Best / ESB - English style brown ale, a perfect balance between malt and hops. Fuggles Hops, Marris Otter Malt, London Yeast & Gluten Reduced. 5.8% ABV

Thai IPA - Cardamom lemongrass & a touch of Thai chilies. 6% ABV

Paris - Roubaix Cider - Apple, French Oak and Belgian yeast. 5% ABV


Cocktails - $12

Single Malt Thrust - Single Malt Whiskey, lime, ginger & soda water

Queen Beet - Gin The First, beet juice, ginger syrup & lemon

Sierra Breeze - Gin The Second, lemon, sage & egg white

Eastside Retreat - Gin The Third, cucumber, lemon & mint

The Crib - Barrel Rested Blue Agave, lime, grapefruit, salt & jalapeno

Betty White - Single Malt Whiskey, simple syrup & orange house made bitters


Shrimp Tacos x3 - $10
Asian shrimp, house made salsa, green onion, creamy carrot sauce & green cabbage.

Chicken Tacos x3 - $10
Hazy IPA marinated chicken, red onion, cilantro & house made salsa.

Poke Plate - $12
Ponzu marinated yellow fin tuna on a bed of jasmin rice, green cabbage, avocado creme, chipotle aioli & green onion.

Papas Bravas - $7
Roasted potato wedges topped with hose made chipotle aioli & green onions

Sausage Pizza - $12
Marinara, caramelized onions, Italian sausage, tomatoes, green bell pepper & mozzarella cheese.

BBQ Pizza - $12
Smoked barbecue sauce, mozzarella, cilantro, basil, pesto, caramelized onions & roasted red peppers.

Meat & Cheese Plate - $14
Manchego, Cypress Grove, Point Reyes Blue, salami, prosciutto, dried apricots & cherries brandied with our Apple Brandy