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A purpose driven distillery that passionately creates innovative,

progressive spirits through methods that mirror the grandiose nature of the Eastern Sierra.

Tasting Bar & Cocktail Bar - Open 11am to Close / Kitchen open 1pm - 9pm

Cocktails - $12

Eastside Retreat - Gin The Third, cucumber, lemon & mint

Shelter Fizz - Gin The First, grapefruit, lemon, ginger, egg white & soda water

Hang On - Vodka, Coconut Banana Cream, Orange Juice & Lemon Juice

Cafe Da Manha - Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, cream, maple, orange & nutmeg

Daisy If You Do - Blue Agave, lime, pineapple - Ask about Jalapeño syrup

ReTox - Hopped Whiskey, ginger, lemon, cayenne & house bitters

Maple Whiskey Sour - French Oak Rested Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Maple Syrup & Egg White

Mikes Paradise - Passion Juice, pineapple, lime & pomegranate grenadine

Old Fashioned - Hungarian Oak Rested Single Malt Whiskey, Demerara & orange bitters

Barrel Aged Maple Old Fashioned - Single Malt Whiskey, orange bitters & maple syrup

Barrel Aged Rye Coffee Old Fashioned - Rye Whiskey, Coffee Liqueur, orange bitters & Demerara

Cider & Beers - $7 pint & $18 Pitcher

Scottish Mild Cider - 5% ABV
Scottish Cider, fermented clean with mild sweetness

Lavender Fall Ale - 6.4% ABV
Lavender, coriander, vanilla malt with brown sugar

Quad Plum - 8.7% ABV
Cologne Malt, Saaz & Tettnang hops

Its All a Bit Hazy IPA - 6.5% ABV
No Details Available


Spirit and Beer Tastings

Spirit Tasting - $10 for 4 spirits of your choice or $3 per

Beer Tastings - $8 for all 4 or $3 per 

Craft Soda - $6

Lemonade - Make it pink with our house made pomegranate grenadine

Orange CocoCreamsicle - Fresh orange juice, banana coconut cream & soda water

Squirtgun - Fresh lime and lemon juice, simple syrup & soda water

Suit and Thai - Ginger syrup, banana coconut cream & soda water


Shrimp Tacos x3 - $10
Asian shrimp, house made salsa, green onion, creamy carrot sauce & green cabbage.

Chicken Tacos x3 - $10
Hazy IPA marinated chicken, red onion, cilantro & house made salsa.

Poke Plate - $12
Ponzu marinated yellow fin tuna on a bed of jasmine rice, green cabbage, avocado creme, chipotle aioli & green onion.

3 Meat Pizza - $12
Marinara, Italian sausage, Pepperoni, Ham & mozzarella cheese.

Roasted Red Bell Pepper Chicken Pizza - $12
Roasted red bell pepper, chicken, onion, tomato, mushrooms on top of mozzarella and finished with a balsamic glaze

Meat & Cheese Plate - $14
Manchego, Cypress Grove, Point Reyes Blue, salami, prosciutto, dried apricots & cherries brandied with our Apple Brandy

Dessert - $6
Ask about our ice cream of the day

Our Current Selection of Craft Spirits

Single Malt Whiskey - 80 Proof
Born from imported Scottish Malt and fermented with a Belgian yeast, this Un-aged Whiskey is a bold statement to dispelling the idea that all white dog, moonshine, and white whiskies are hot, flavorless and blinding.  We distill the wash at low temperature to keep as much of that unmatched Scottish grain flavor in our whiskey, while the bold yeast flavors gives it an additional profile of figs and stone fruit.

Whiskey Rose - 80 Proof
Whiskey Rose takes our lovingly complex Single Malt Whiskey to a unique place. Rose Hips, a wild growing budding flower that grows locally in the Eastern Sierra is infused into our Single Malt Whiskey at cask strength for up to a week to give the whiskey flavors of rose, berry and earth.

French Oak Rested Single Malt Whiskey - 80 Proof
The first in our series of wood aged whiskies is our French Oak Rested Single Malt. The addition of French Oak Chips in our Single Malt Whiskey adds another layer of complexity to our Single Malt Whiskey.  The French Oak Chips are added to our whiskey at cask strength to pull our as much flavor as possible without pulling the acidity from the wood. This process creates an amazing caramel oak flavor with a sweet, vanilla undertone that can only be attributed to French Oak.

Hungarian Oak Rested Single Malt Whiskey - 92 Proof
Our third in our trio of wood aged whiskies is the least common, Hungarian Oak. The same process is utilized as our previous two wood aged whiskies, cask strength single malt is infused with Hungarian Oak Chips. Hungarian Oak imparts a pronounced pepper profile rounded with bittersweet chocolate and vanilla.

Hopped Whiskey - 92 Proof
June Lake Brewing ESB beer distilled here at Shelter. Aged on American Oak Spirals, Pacific Jad Hops & Ekaunat Hops

Gin The First - 100 Proof
Gin the First begins with 100% barley malt and ale yeast. Prior to adding the botanicals, we create a rich, sweet and flavorful base that has notes of apricot and vanilla.  Our botanical mix include juniper berries, coriander, local handpicked pinyon pine, lavender and a whole lot of orange peel, giving this gin a very citrus forward note. A final addition of vanilla builds on the base of the spirit and rounds out the finish of the gin with a nice vanilla note.

Barrel Aged Gin The First - 100 Proof
Our barrel aged gin series continues with our Barrel Aged Gin the First. Splitting our batch of Gin the First and proofing it down to 116 proof allows the spirit to soak up as much of the barrel flavors as possible. Aged in a used Single Malt Whiskey barrel for four months the Gin takes on even a more pronounced vanilla flavor, oak and leather notes as well as additional viscosity, smoothing out the spirit.

Gin The Second - 80 Proof
A mash bill consisting of both malted barley and rye gives the base spirit a peppery and spicy note.  Additions of juniper berries, locally hand picked sage, heather flowers and gentian root take what the Eastern Sierra flora and fauna has on offer and creates a balance to the spicy rye flavors.

Gin The Third - 80 Proof
Gin the Third is a gin you pour over a single ice cube and sip on the deck. This delicate a floral forward gin is the gin for people who hate gin. Mild juniper notes give way to heavy floral flavors of rose, lavender, vanilla and anise. The wheat heavy mash bill creates a softer spirit that allows the gentle floridity to shine through. Finished with a maceration on cucumbers cements this as refreshing and sippable gin.

Blue Agave - 93 Proof
Distilled from 100% Organic Blue Agave Nectar from the Tequila regions of Mexico and distilled traditionally by bringing the kettle temperature up rapidly to preserve as much blue agave nectar as possible, our Blue Agave is a peppery, earthy and vegetal.  Different only in name to our southern friends’ “Tequila” our Blue Agave agave spirit is a true blend of a American craft and Mexican tradition.  

Port Barrel Aged Blue Agave - 92 Proof
Our Blue Agave aged for 2 months in a used Port barrel from Portugal 

Vodka - 80 Proof
While vodka by definition “lacks taste” our 100% wheat based and fermented with a Belgian yeast vodka bucks that trend. We distill our vodka to the bare minimum proof to be considered vodka leaving plenty of flavor in our spirit.  The yeast gives a clear vanilla note and the wheat base, an impeccable smoothness.

Passion Juice - 80 Proof
Passion Juice began as a brandy and finished as an infused distilled specialty spirit. Our 100% fermented apple juice wash is distilled and then infused with Passion Fruit, Orange and Guava.  Based off the traditional Hawaiian POG (Passion, Orange, Guava) Juice, Passion Juice is fruity and full of a tropical flavors just as the name suggests.

Coffee Liqueur - 64 Proof
100% Pilsner Malt fermented and distilled to 90% ABV. Maturated on 15lbs of Black Velvet Coffee then proofed down to 32% using 25 gallons of Cold Brew Coffee. Sweetened with Demerara. Each bottle has the equibalent of 4 cups of cold brew coffee in flavor and caffeine.