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Explore Unforgettable Flavors

We’re not ones to pat ourselves on the back. But our whiskey is something special. You won’t find flavors like these anywhere. And you won’t soon forget them.

We source top-quality ingredients like Scottish peated malt. We add that to our snowmelt mountain water straight from the High Sierra. And then we age the whiskies in barrels, each rich with their own character.

Discover our exceptional whiskies suited for everyday adventures.

Single Malts

Grounded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California, we follow the old traditions with a few twists. Our American Single Malt Whiskey has vanilla, chocolate and floral notes thanks to the oak on which it rests. Our Embers Peated Whiskey has a beautiful smoky flavor. And our Dark Sky Whiskey has a mash bill more common to brewing porters, for a phenomenal chocolatey finish.

Limited Releases

Beyond our single malts, we create various limited-release whiskies. The flavors are inspired by the unique ingredients we seek out and experimental flavor profiles. Wild Rose from rose hips. Granite Rye with a hint of spice. No matter the expression, the results are the same: a delicious concoction made to be savored, because you may never experience it again.

An American Tradition, Elevated

Shelter Bourbon exemplifies the American spirit. Adventurous, driven, and guided by passion. Shelter Bourbon is born from the traditions of old but forged with new perspective and creativity at 8,000 feet. Elevate your expectations of what a bourbon can be.

Blue Corn And Beyond

Shelter Bourbon products are as varied as our landscapes, distilled from California blue corn or Colorado white corn, American barley, rye, and wheat; Shelter Bourbon is handcrafted from unique regional ingredients, terroirs, and pure alpine waters to take you on an adventure into the unknown.

Small Batches, Single Barrels

Small batches ensure that all Shelter Bourbon is crafted to allow each barrel’s signature flavor to shine. Single Barrel releases go above and beyond, a spirit as pure as an alpine spring. For those seeking the extraordinary, Shelter Single Barrel Bourbon releases are peak Shelter.

Mountain West Climate And Barrel Aging

In the Mountain West bitter cold, clear nights, and warm beautiful days swell and contract Shelter American Oak Barrels in a manner found nowhere else. These temperature swings expedite the aging process, giving Shelter Bourbon more robust flavors, in a shorter amount of time. From our climate, our ingredients, and our passions, to your glass - Shelter Bourbon is a spirit unlike any other. 

Born in the Sierra Nevada, our bourbons are rooted in wild west tradition; cowboys, campfires, and sleeping under the stars. Take a sip of the beauty and solitude that only the Eastern Sierra can offer. Every drop of bourbon is mashed, fermented, distilled, barreled, and bottled by us, and we are fiercely proud of this.