Palo Santo Stormrider Rum
Palo Santo Stormrider Rum

Palo Santo Stormrider Rum

Introducing Shelter Palo Santo Stormrider Rum, a meticulously handcrafted spirit that promises an unparalleled journey for the palate. Born from the fusion of dark brown sugar and pure alpine snowmelt from the rugged High Sierra granite mountains, this exceptional rum embodies the essence of nature's finest elements. The unique character is further developed through a meticulous finishing process on Palo Santo Wood, imparting a distinctive and captivating flavor profile.

Palo Santo Wood imparts complexity, infusing the spirit with nuanced notes of vanilla, orange, mint, and subtle woody undertones, accompanied by a pleasant vanilla cake aroma. Whether enjoyed neat or on the rocks for the adventurous spirit, Palo Santo Stormrider Rum elevates the senses. Alternatively, adding it to any classic cocktail enhances the complexity of your libation experience. Each sip is a journey through craftsmanship, nature, and the bold spirit of the High Sierra, establishing Palo Santo Stormrider Rum as an extraordinary addition to the world of adventurous spirits.

Tasting notes:  Vanilla | Orange | Wood

90 Proof | 750ML Bottle

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